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The Miracle Project
 – What Has The Lord Jesus Christ Done for You . . . . ?

The Miracle Project

     In an age and time when there is so much turmoil, mayhem, and chaos going on in the world it is easy to forget that “God is Gracious, God is Good, and that God is Love”. No, not all of our fellow humans have gone over to the dark side. Our fellow Americans have  always, always helped out their fellow Americans, as well as people living in other countries. And it makes me angry when I hear some politicians or some self-righteous individuals or groups claiming that we are selfish just because we don’t want to support “their” causes or pay “their” taxes. But God is still Gracious, God is still Good – God is Love.

     And God is still performing Miracles, great and small for millions and millions of people – both in America and around the world. And He’s doing it in the name of His dear son – The Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua Hamashiach. As Jesus has said, “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth”.  Well, we know that there are a lot of people out there who have called on the name of Jesus and have experience a divine miracle. We want to hear about it.

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     There are many TV programs about ghost hunters and investigators who go into houses, buildings, and places where paranormal activities are said to be taking place. And most of the time they encounter some dark, evil presence that is causing fear and panic. Well, we want to hear about some positive experiences. We want to hear about what God has done for you, either recently or in the past. Has Jesus healed your body? Has Jesus helped you to get a job? Has Jesus helped to restore an important relationship? Has Jesus changed your Life? Have you been in a dangerous situation and Jesus has protected you and brought you out, safe and sound? Has Jesus Christ restored your sanity and given you peace of mind?

     Please write us about your experiences. Tell us all about it. At some future date, we will publish some of your stories. It is important that you take this project seriously because someone will read your story and believe God for their personal miracle. Please use the contact information listed in the website tab – the CMW Experience, near the bottom of that webpage. Please be sure to put the phrase, “The Miracle Project” in the subject line. We will follow up, in due course. Be a Blessing to Someone you don’t know, and Jesus will bless you whom He does knows. This is going to be exciting.

     Do you need a personal Miracle and Healing? We recommend you find a Spirit-Filled, Bible-Believing, Bible-Teaching Church to build up your faith. However, we offer for FREE a Spiritual Communication entitled, “Believing God for Miracles and Healings” to help to encourage you and to build up your Faith. You can obtain it for FREE from our Yahoo Group: CMW_Website_Support. You must have a Yahoo Account, which is FREE, but this will allow you to download this Spiritual Communication as well as many others. <CLICK> the link below for a short-cut to our Yahoo Group.


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Just eMail Us and Send Us Your Contact Information:

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