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Spin-Free Your Mind 1 – "A CMW Featured Article"


Where Have All the Demons Gone . . . ?


The Other Cause of

Mankind’s Sufferings & Bad Luck


By Robert A. Pritchett

© Copyright – Robert A. Pritchett – Dec 21, 2011


“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.” – 1 Timothy 4:1-2


 Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, you would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but He sent me. Why do you not understand my speech? even because you cannot hear my word. You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, you believe me not.” – St. John 8:42-45



A friend once told me there is a Chinese curse that goes, “May you live in interesting times”.  I’m not sure if that’s true, but we certainly live in interesting times. In fact, many people believe that we are living in the “End Times”, the most tumultuous, chaotic, and deadly period in human history, predicted by the Lord Jesus Christ when He was still on Earth, among us. Atheism seems to be making a comeback. People are worshipping any and everything; and they are becoming like that which they worship. Our schools, colleges, and universities are teaching doctrines of demons. Hollywood is obsessed with dark themes as they track, reveal, and glorify the gory details of serial killers, demonic monsters, and masters of mayhem on the big, wide, silver screen. And spiritual activity in diverse places is increasing. Interesting times.


Now I consider myself an artist, a writer, a technophile, an amateur scientist, and a Christian Disciple, Philosopher, and Mystic – in other words, a somewhat imaginative guy. But even I can’t believe some of the theories that scientists, journalists, and secular propagandists are trying to spin and weave into the public’s mindscape, imagination, and consciousness these days. Black holes shooting gas jets thousands, thousands of miles out into space (aren’t black holes suppose to mightily pull anything within their gravitational sphere deep into its inner darkness – that inescapable, super gravitational vortex and abyss). Unobservable and undetectable dark matter and dark energy abounds everywhere – however, it can’t be seen or measured; they claim that dark matter and dark energy make up more than 90% of the universe, but where is their tangible proof? However, Christians are crazy to believe that the God of the Holy Bible created living things through His Divine Intelligence, Wisdom, Knowledge, Power, and Majesty. And then, as if to highlight, emphasize, and magnify His original acts of creation, He sent His Son to heal and redeem the living, and to raise the dead, to show that He worked miracles the first time, and would again. But I digress.


Cosmology Scientists are slowly coalescing around the idea that there are 11 universes (M Theory), based on Mathematics. They cannot be seen, measured, tested, or proved. But Christians are crazy to believe that God, the author of Life, would be able to cause Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, to successfully carry out the required virgin birth. Scientists can’t begin to answer simple questions like – why does matter have the characteristics that it has, i.e. weight, mass, color, malleability, temperature, magnetism, gravity, hardness, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera . . . .  Or why does matter even exists? And don’t get me started on energy.


However, then they will stand up in front of elementary, high school, and college classes and declare that random chance, natural selection, and huge amounts of Time are, collectively, God. Well. Okay. I know they don’t say it, just like that. They slip little colorful similes and illustrations, saying things like “the hand of evolution” or “nature has designed”, or the creature has “developed a special adaptation that …”, all with the clear implication that evolution is acting as the creator and driver of all diversity, innovation, and survival adaptations. “Evolution is a fact, period”, “end of discussion”, say most scientists and the de facto true believers of this new religion of science. Once again, scientists and change-agent teachers and professors, acting as the new priests, are attempting to lead the members of society, up to the altar of the god they have created; they cry and demand that we “worship” this new, “true” god that they are giving us. They already have us paying tithes to them in the form of tuitions, taxes, government-funded research and grants, and donations.

Yes, it is a fact there is micro-evolution within a species. Yes, it is a fact that there are adaptations within species that allow a lifeform to survive in different environments. Yes. But it is a far, far different thing to claim, as their macro-evolution argument does, that random chance, natural selection, and millions and millions of years, has given us both Life itself and the wide diversity of living things at all levels of existence. Life is the most complex and wondrous phenomenon that we can see. We can’t create it. We cannot resurrect the dead. But apparently, with our superiorly evolved and adapted brains, we have decided that it doesn’t take any intelligence to make a universe, a galaxy, an Earth, or a human – it just takes getting lucky.

Recognize the implication of their of their declaration: Life on Earth has millions and millions of lifeforms, living in thousands of carefully balanced ecosystems, with hundreds of various niches, and they all conveniently and collectively make life on Earth possible for all the other lifeforms – lucky for us! For years and years, the finest human minds have scoured the planet and the heavens, searching for the power to create life – and they still cannot do it. With all of our knowledge, and all of our wisdom, and all of our machines – we still cannot create a single living cell, not a single living lifeform, i.e. we cannot put life into non-life; we cannot put life into death – just ask anyone who has lost a loved one. Life is the proof of God.

Ahh, but as the late, atheist Astronomer Carl Sagan has said, the Universe evolved us to consider itself.

Some scientists and astrophysicists have declared that they now know how the Earth and the Moon were created – all it took was a Big Bang and millions and millions of years – no God necessary (they always invoke the magic words – millions and millions – to increase the believability of the party line). Yep, it took no God to create germs, viruses, allege, fish, worms, dogs, cats, yaks, platypuses, glass snakes, jellyfish, dung beetles, trees, grass, apple trees, and human beings. All were created by the Scientific Trinity – Random Chance, Natural Selection, and Huge Amounts of Time.

And of course, the number one driver of all modern-day scientific inquiry is thief – the attempt to steal God’s glory, awe, and worship by the use of lies, agenda, law, pride, misdirection, and arrogance. This attempt to prove that the universe, galaxies, Solar System, Earth, and all life came into existence without the direct involvement of an Almighty, All-Powerful God is a Satanic plot, taken up by Prideful Humans. If you strip away all of the scientific jargon, the slide shows, and the clever CGI videos and movie clips, what the Darwinists, the Evolutionists, and Big Bangers and Pseudo-Scientifically minded are actually arguing is – that the Universe came into existence spontaneously from nothing, and with guidance from nothing, proceeded to produce stars, galaxies, quasars, planets, black holes, and Life. All it took was random chance, natural selection, and (invoke the magic words) millions and millions of years – lucky for us.


Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.

– I Peter 5:5 – the Holy Bible.


Ladies & Gentlemen, I appeal to your logical, reasoning mind – look at your own hands, your legs, your brain, and your mind, amazing servants aren’t they? Look at your body, how each of its parts cleverly work together, to serve your will. Look at your amazing gift of Sight. Look at your children. Look at how living things make it possible for other living things to exist, to live, and thrive. But some might think – Yeah, but look at Chimps, or raccoons, they have hands, too! Great. . . this means that our Great Creator has shown creativity: variations on a theme; it’s done in Art all of the time. Eyes. Ears. Feet. Skins. Furs. Organs and organelles. Creativity! And creativity requires intelligence.


Normally, when someone successfully creates something, makes a great movie, writes a great book, sings a great song, we praise that person. We analyze why their creation is so remarkable. We talk among each other about how they were able to accomplish their great feat. In the Beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth, and He created all of the living things that are alive and able to reproduce, after their kind and likeness. Where is God’s praise and recognition? Why aren’t we singing His praises. Why aren’t we giving Him glory for His astounding feats? Ask your self this question – after years and years of studying phenomenon and living things, has science found no evidence of intelligence, no evidence of divine power and direction, no evidence that a Creator has directed the invention of the Universe?


Being able to explain a thing is not the same as being able to do a thing. And just because you can construct an argument that seems to cover many of the observable “facts” still does not mean that that explanation, is indeed, the true reason for that phenomenon. Just because you say that you understand how something happened, is not the same as being able to do it yourself, nor is it proof. And invoking magic words do not prove anything – millions and millions of years have not put life on Mars or Venus or the Moon. Science has determined that an extremely long check list of factors, all of which had to be in place, all at the same time, for life to be possible here on Planet Earth. How lucky must we have been – or how Blessed we are – to be here and now, alive and functioning, on a functioning planet, made up of thousands and millions of interlocking systems which make life possible and comfortable.


Okay, Okay. I can hear the howls of all of those liberal, progressive minds, steeped in the special sauce of Political Correctness, accusing me of being unfair and bias. However, your emotional reaction reflects your indoctrination, conditioning, and acceptance of a philosophy and worldview designed, created, and enforced by unseen spirits – you have been infected and have accepted doctrines of devils!


“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”. – Ephesians 6:12 – The Holy Bible.


Is the theory of Evolution really true? Can science prove that random chance is God, the creator of life on all of the thousands and thousands of planets yet to be discovered? And of course, it must be a big numbers game. There are millions of Galaxies, so there must be billions of solar systems. And if there are billions of solar systems, there must be millions of Earths, just three orbits from their suns, just churning out perfectly adapted lifeforms, for all of their specially chosen niches. Lucky for them!


Isn’t it also interesting how Scientists insist that nothing has really taken place until a scientist has seen it happen or can prove that it happened. Then and only then can a phenomenon be said to have taken place. So if scientists are not interested in your observations or topic for inquiry – then what you are observing and wondering about doesn’t exist to science. So therefore, you and your observations are anecdotal, i.e. hearsay. Now, I believe that science is an important tool serving Mankind, but it was never intended to become our master. Science does not have all knowledge, and the knowledge that it does produce must be processed by wisdom – and wisdom is an invisible attribute of which this world has very little.


Therefore instead science serving its purpose as a developer, verifier, and extender of information and knowledge, Today’s Science, which is being controlled and operated by Liberals and Progressives (be they Republicans, Democrats, or Independents – they’ve all grown up under our now Marxist-Communistic-Liberal Academic System) are carrying out a scorched-earth pogrom against the Kingdom of God and the knowledge of His Truth and His Christ. They are simply, suppressing the Truth.


Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” – Exodus 20:16 – Holy Bible


For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness. . .” – Romans 1:18 – Holy Bible


And what about an area of inquiry being fought over by competing disciplines? Multi-disciplinary studies are becoming much more common place in academia. Many times the insight of other disciplines can be illuminating. But interestingly enough, much of Twenty-First century science has squared off against Christianity, without obvious reason. After railing against the Christian God, the Holy Bible, and the Gospel message, humans beings who have internalized the devil’s worldview, people infected with the Communistic, Socialistic, Leftist, Liberal, Marxist, Socialist philosophy, cannot allow Christians to be proven correct. As if members of a dysfunctional family – the elitist academics, pseudo-intellectuals, uncurious scientists and journalists, and deceived fellow travelers – they never fail to close ranks against all things Christian, always seeking to silence their message.


First, understand that the fields of Psychology and Psychiatry are operating in the exact same arena as Religion and Spirituality. The Secular disciplines seek to quantify, measure, observe and study invisible phenomenon within the human mind and being. The Religious-Spiritual disciplines seek to take the knowledge given to mankind by God and apply that knowledge to invisible phenomenon within, around, and between human beings. Psychology and Psychiatry try to discern the inner workings of the human mind by talking with the individual and observing their behaviors. Christianity says that the Word of God, the Holy Bible, explains why human thoughts and behaviors are as dark and dysfunctional as they are, and offers a solution, a cure, and new life. Psychology and Psychiatry say that with drugs, talking, and training they can help the individual to function better. Christianity teaches that when we talk with our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, and ask Him to forgive our sins, the root of all human dysfunctions, and to place His Spirit within us, we will be transformed; our lives will progressively improve, and we are promised eternal life in a new improved body, a body like the one Jesus had after His resurrection. These are two radically different approaches to the problems of human beings in human societies. However, one claims the mantle of scientific acceptability, and the other claims divine revelations, divine power, divine direction, and divine love.


“To Save Us All from Satan’s Power . . .”


I’ll say it again, Psychology and Psychiatry fields are operating in the exact same arena as Religion and Spiritual Knowledge. And in a way, they are competing for the same acceptance, respect, and money. Understand, neither Psychologists nor Psychiatrists treat you for free; they expect to get paid. Yet many unbelievers get upset about giving money at church – “those preachers just want your money”. Both Psychology and Psychiatry claim to treat (help) you in those invisible areas of your Life. Likewise, some Churches claim to use prayers, preaching, and the knowledge and the wisdom of God’s Word, the Holy Bible, to treat (help) you in those invisible areas of your life. However, the Church distinguishes itself from mental health treatments by also offering knowledge that leads to a relationship with God, and deliverance from the torment and attacks of evil spirits.


Psychology and Psychiatry vs. Religion and Spirituality: Science vs. the Word and Spirit of God – they are all competing. It need not be so, but there are reasons. A person believing in contact between humans and invisible beings is a defacto admission of mental illness, low IQ, and naivety in the minds of most mental health professionals. It doesn’t matter that better than 90 percent of all humans believe in God and other types of invisible beings – Western Science tells you that you are wrong, ignorant, superstitious, weak-minded and/or greatly deceived. And many Liberals take great delight in attacking the reasoning powers of People of Faith, as if there is no hypocrisy, non-sequitors, bald-faced lies, dishonesty, and misrepresentations being foisted onto the collective psyche of the American Population by modern-day Marxist-Liberals, who are being lead and guided by malevolent spirits. But the point is this, if you are having mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual problems – and Western Science and Medicine have not been able to give you adequate help – who are you going to call?


If your child is being tormented by “night terrors” what are you going to do – put them into therapy for years, drug them to sleep, or are you going to call on a Bible-Believing, Spirit-filled, Miracle-Working Christian, and have them to use the Power of  Prayer and the all-powerful name of the Lord Jesus Christ to cast those tormenting spirits out of your house, your life, and away from your Child or Loved One?


The Devil Made Me Do It


Spirit Beings are another lifeform here on Earth. They are real and they are busy. Why are we spending millions and billions of dollars looking for life on other planets, but Western Science has absolutely no interest in proving or disproving the existence of evil spirits here on Earth? Life on other planets is having no effects on us, but evil spirits here on Earth, are affecting human life everyday. But then they’ll stand up in front of educational classes and declare that students or anyone else who hold Faith and Believe in Jesus Christ, God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and Biblical Creation account are superstitious, naïve, unsophisticated, or weak-minded. You know why they’ve taken these positions? Because they are under the control of the evil spirits that they would have to investigate. And they’ve created a demonic system that screens out spiritual truth, wisdom, and enlightenment. Politically-Correct thinking and philosophy is just one of many “doctrines of demons”. Fear of ridicule and humiliation from their peers and colleagues silences most from advocating positions that support Biblical Creation, the Bible, the existence of evil, or malevolent spirit beings. And the price is high. Telling the truth could cost them their jobs, positions of privilege, professional respect, access to wealth and money, and “honor”. But their positions of privilege, respect, and “honor” is paid for by suppressing the Truth, thereby spreading lies, confusion, and disinformation, resulting in souls being lost, and God’s Glory and Honor being stolen.  Ben Stein’s movie – “Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed” makes this point forcefully. It documents the fates of scientist and educators who dare to stray off of the Scientific Reservation of Politically-Correct thought and understanding. The liberal, Progressives, Marxists, Socialists – just like their Father the Devil – will not tolerate any other story or message circulating but theirs. The Evil One does not support freedom of speech, but freedom from Truth.


Millions and millions of people, worldwide believe in the existence of spiritual beings that interact with humans, yet western science has absolutely no interest in investigating this possibility. However, as quiet as it’s kept, this ongoing, expensive search for life in the Universe is actually an attempt to prove the Religion of the Leftist, Marxist, Communist, Liberally Indoctrinated Democrats, Elitists, and Fellow Travelers. They are trying to prove that life “can” come into existence without the guiding hand of the Almighty God. These lying hypocrites who demand that all schools teach our children that we evolved from pond scum, aren’t even interested as to whether these spirits are the next phase of evolution, or are they from another planet or dimension.


Obviously, the malevolent spirits who control their minds don’t want any serious, systematic investigation of these Spiritual Monsters less their existence is proven and mankind wakes up, and become enlighten, and begins an organized battle against the Spiritual Wickedness in High Places.


Many people, in many different cultures around the world believe that these beings are responsible for many of the various problems that human society faces; yet once again, there is no interest in investigating this possibility. The normal instincts of most scientists are “curiosity” and the desire to be the first to prove the existence of something and to define its functioning. But yet again, there is no interest by western universities to investigate the possibility of the existence of a whole class of living beings, that interact with human beings, often negatively, nor to find out about their essence, their behavior, what they feed on, nor what are they doing now! Interesting times. But the obvious truth that should be occurring in your mind is – yes, sickness and disease are real, but if the problems in your life are being caused by evil spirits, demons, and devils, then taking a pill or talking about it is not going to stop the attacks!


Your unbelief will not protect you.


The Theory of Evolution – which is supported by a huge Cabal of Political, Economic, Academic, and Spiritual interests – is actually destructive to human thinking and reasoning processes. Why? Because with all successful human endeavors – vision, design, organization, planning, reasoning, cooperation, power, authority, and the proper execution of the plan are required. And, interestingly enough, at all three levels of the universe – the micro, the macro, and the Earth Ordinary – exhibits vision, design, organization, reasoning, motion, beauty, force, and power.


So the Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory are based on the fallacious belief that the Scientific Trinity – Random Chance, Natural Selection, Huge Amounts of Time, created all of the life on Earth; and gravity, one of the weakest of the four basic forces of the Universe, sucked up most of the extraneous matter floating out in space and shaped it into stars, planets, moons, galaxies, and black holes, all without a guiding hand or intelligence.


       Yes, there was an amazing point in time from which the darkness of the void was overwhelmed by the blinding, rapidly expanding commencement, and it took place when God said “Let there be Light”.  And now we know, thru quantum physics, that all of existence is resting on Light, Intelligence, and Potentiality. Like Jesus said to the Father of a son who was being tormented by malevolent spirits: “All things are possible…”. It wasn’t a Big Bang – since when have you witnessed the destructive force of an explosion organize matter. No, it was a big word from a big God.


Free Your Mind and . . . ?


Please try to follow this next argument carefully. There are spiritual forces who absolutely will not want you to perceive, think about, or understand this next thought:


Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory demand that we turn off the pattern-recognition capabilities in our brains that would ordinarily guide our thinking toward reasonable conclusions that reflect insight, understanding, evidence, and Truth. Scientific Politically-Correct thinking  demands a type of self-inflicted blindness, the ability to see only the evidence that support their religion (Evolution), but is incapable of seeing any evidence of a design, a Creator, or a God. Well, by turning off your pattern-recognition capabilities, and developing the habit of ignoring certain types of thoughts and information, your ability to notice or recognizing other types of thoughts and information cannot help but be degraded. You will develop a habit of ignoring evidence and proof. Habits are powerful controllers!


Did we learn nothing from reading the novel “1984”, the story of an oppressive government that watches its citizen constantly, changes language and meanings constantly, and demands complete and total, unquestioning love for its frontman, Big Brother. The all-powerful central government would publish its worldview daily and demanded that all citizens immediately change their understandings and memories to the “reality of the day”. Only its view could be circulating in the society, all other views would be tortured out of existence. Kind of like what is beginning to happen here in the United States now!


After years of studying the amazing human brain, some amazing observations have been made. For example, when we start to think about a problem, brain activity seems to radiate from a specific point, in a pattern, much like a star-burst, as it seeks an answer. Ironically, this is how information flows thru the Internet: a message originating from a single computer, is routed through multiple paths of the cyberspace network, in a star-burst pattern, until one routes connects to the destination computer.


Our brains are all about patterns. Our brains are optimized for pattern recognition. We recognize patterns in nature. We recognize patterns in information and knowledge. We can take the smallest amounts of information, scattered over time and distance, and we can then assemble the “jig-saw” puzzle of understanding, even without all of the pieces; we can recognize a friend walking at a great distance, or a type of car by viewing only its bumper. We can “Name that Tune” in 3 notes.


Why, with all of our supposed wisdom, knowledge, science, history, and technology does mankind lurch from one crisis to another? Why do the most evil people that a society can produce keep rising to positions of power and control in governments and organizations? Why are there so many criminals and sociopaths raining terrors on our cities, towns, and states? Why do our personal relationships fail? Why are we filled with guilt, despair, loneliness, anger, rage, inner turmoil, and pain? Why do we die?


“Just because we have sex and a human being is born does not lessen the miraculous nature of our existence”. – RAP


Without going all the way back to Adam and Eve – although this was the first statement of fact linking all human beings together – Jesus Christ, while He was down here among us, had many encounters with Satan and his devils. While Jesus was among us, He demonstrated that devils or demons were responsible for some sickness, some madness, and some deaths. Now the historical accounts of the Bible do not offer enough data to derive a percentage, but let’s just say that if only twenty-five (25) percent of the sickness and madness out there in the world is caused by demons and devils, then we have a big, big problem. What’s ten (10) percent of six billion people?


But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them”. – 2 Corinthians 4:3-4 – New Testament – Holy Bible.


So to the scientifically minded among you – remember pattern recognition – the fact that so-called mainstream science does not and has not studied the existence or behaviors of evil beings – this leaves you in a difficult position. There is a major phenomenon going on everyday and in thousands of ways. And first and foremost, you do not even recognize it, and secondly you do not have the tools, mentally, spiritually, or scientifically, to see, hear, or deal with it.


Based on the Historical Account of the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ, and later, His disciples, had many encounters with these invisible, evil, malevolent beings. Western science which is under the control of the god of this present era who is Satan, has nothing scientific to say. But if these spiritual beings exist, then some of your first questions should be:



Where do these spiritual beings come from?


Who are these spiritual beings? Are they intelligent? Do they have purpose?


What do they want? Are they really evil?


Are they organized? Who is their leader?


Do they really hate human beings?


Can they kill human beings?


What are their tactics?


Can they be killed?


Can they be defeated?


What is their affect on human societies, culture, and families?


Are they behind a lot of what we call “Bad Luck”?


Can they drive human beings insane?


Are they responsible for “Night Terrors” or “Nightmares”?


Can they cause or induce mental illness such as Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety/Panic Disorders?


Are they interfering with your life?


Are they causing troubles in your family?


Are they causing troubles on your job?


Are they ruining the life of someone you know?


Are they involved with addictions?


What are they doing right now?


What are they doing to you, your family, and your life now?


How did Jesus and the Disciples deal with them?


How should we deal with them?


Yes, Satan, Fallen Angels, Demons, and Devils all exist. And you may already know, first-hand, their reality. Evil Spirits can push feelings and thoughts in your body and your mind. According to the Biblical accounts, they can cause sickness, blindness, deafness, and possession. I believe that in many of the cases where a human victim is being tormented by hearing “voices” these voices are from evil spirits being projected into their minds. The Lord Jesus taught His Disciples that devils have three standing orders:


The thief {Satan} cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” – St. John 10:10 – the Holy Bible.


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, if indeed these beings exist, and you don’t want to be a victim of these invisible monsters then you had better know what Jesus Christ and His Disciples knew, and do what they did.


This is end of Part-One of

“Where have all the Demons Gone?”


Part-Two will be in the next issue of

“Spin-Free Your Mind”.


The Body of Christ is One and there are many, many Holy Spirit-Filled, Bible-Believing Churches and Groups out there. Remember these three points when seeking Christian Help:


When Jesus was down here among us, most of his battles were against the established, in-power Religious leaders – who were then (as now) suppressing the Truth. The authority to operate in the name of the Lord comes from His Holy Bible and His Spirit – If the Christian Church or Group does not respect, reverence, teach, believe in, and minister in accordance with the Holy Bible – run away and find one that does.


Jesus taught us that God is Love. And that His power and Truth flow thru Love and His Spirit. Jesus wants to make you free and He has a Four-Part Plan:


First –  you must be Born Again: You must agree with God that you are a sinner. If you have broken any of God’s Laws, especially any of the 10 Commandments at any time in your life – you are a sinner. Humbly ask Him to forgive your sins and ask Jesus Christ to make you a member of His Eternal Family. Ask the Lord to place His Holy Spirit inside of your human Spirit. Ask Him to save your Soul and to re-train you, and to teach you His ways. Then ask Him to lead you to a Spirit-Filled, Bible-Believing Church.


Here are the Basics of the Christian Faith:


Read the Bible – Study it. Know what you are involved in. Read thru the New Testament First; Genesis Next; Proverbs next; then the Pentatude!


Regular Church Attendance – The Angels of God assemble themselves before the Throne of God. We humans assemble ourselves before the Throne of God in Church. It is here we can learn more about Father God, Jesus Christ His only begotten Son, His Holy Spirit who leads, guides, and teaches us all things, and the Word of God, the Holy Bible.


Daily Prayer – Prayer is talking to God, thru the Lord Jesus Christ. Speak to Him with respect, assurance, Faith, Thanksgiving, and expectancy. Pray out loud – not shouting – but aloud. God spoke things into existence.  We were made in the image of God who is a Spirit. Pray out loud in Faith Believing!


Obey What God Tells You To Do – God loves us and he wants to improve your life. Moreover, God wants to use you to help others. As you journey up your new path, you will have many adventures that are designed to teach you that you are, indeed, a Child of God. Obey the Word of God and the Holy Spirit of God.


Here following are several RAP-Selected websites that have useful, Biblical-Spiritually Orthodox Christian Information concerning Satan, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare.



Watch for Part-Two of  “Where Have All the Demons Gone”


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