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Pleasures of Treasure Revisited

 –  Great Ideas / Great Experiences / Great Bargains / Great Services

Pleasures of Treasures Revisited (POTR)

1222 E. Long Street @ Champion Avenue

Columbus, Ohio 43203


Consignments: No matter where you live, POTR can help you to convert your “No-Longer-Wanted’s” into cash. Why have strangers coming to your home or calling at all hours.

We offer a Brick-and-Mortar location so you can drop off items for sale.


Business and Computer Services and Training: Learn Basic and Advanced computer skills, with your own Personal Computer Coach. Talk with us about eMail marketing! Rent Time on our Mac and PC Computers – Visit our Internet Café


Resumes that get you an Interview: No one can guarantee you a job, but a good Resume with a good Cover Letter can enhance your chances. Not only will we write you a Superior Resume, we will take you thru a mock interview to help prepare you for the real thing.


We Buy, Sell, and Trade –

New and Used Goods for You!

Drop By and Say “Hi”

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