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The CMW Experience - Read Me First

Welcome to the original =CMW= Experience

The Creative Mind Workshop is Publishing, Marketing, Educational, and News Media Enterprise.

We know things! We teach things! We sell things!

This CMW website exists to present, promote, and advocate the Spirituality, Philosophies, Thoughts, Concepts, Ideas, and Causes we believe in. We strive for Truth, Understanding, InSight, and Consistency in our positions and presentations – but we’re not perfect. We’re on a Mission: adventures into the Collective Mindscapes of the Human Soul, we’re Spreading the Message – the Word. We also publish and communicate information about Columbus, Ohio, the United States, the World, and many other micro environments such as clubs, organizations, groups, etc. Check your anger at that last website – because here you will encounter “thought experiments”, avant garde articles, mind stretching articles and essays, and movies for your mind . . . !

Moreover, we also believe in “Good-Head Keeping”

This website is a Portal to Adventure, Enlightenment, Mystery, Entertainment, and Discovery. We offer Web-Tours to Sites that we believe will be of Interest to our Visitors and Members. Click on (or scroll down) the bold-type Content Guide, following next, to learn more:


One of the concepts that we at CMW promote is the Life-Enhancing, Thought and Reasoning Processing System for your Head and your Life, our book entitled –

“Mental Systems/Human Systems”  
Tools for Life featuring CELS*Thinking

Among the many benefits of using MS/HS are:

-    Clearer Thinking,
-    More Systematic Thinking Power
-    Greater Understanding,
-    Better Decision Making,
-    More Appreciation for your Life Now,
-    More Inner Peace,
-    Freedom From Guilt, Emotional Distress
-    More Insight into the Awe of Nature & its Creator
-    A more Creative Mind.

One of the goals of this website is to re-activate and re-charge your Imagination -- your personal, internal Space-Time Imaging, Thought, and Emotion Projection System. If you don’t have a solution to a problem, you can create, build, and test one – in the Holodeck of your mind (a la Star Trek, only better). Soon, CMW will be offering Creativity-Boosting Seminars, based on – “Mental Systems/Human System” .  Watch for announcements.

To begin our roll-out of our soon to be released book, we are publishing in our “Spin Free Your Mind” Blog an overview of some of the main concepts of our book – “Mental Systems/Human System” (MS/HS).  All of our articles, essays, and publications are written with MS/HS concepts in mind. We hope that you will remember and use these tips and insights in your life.


We believe in an advanced Biblical Spirituality, the type that actually changes people, situations, and events – we believe in Prayer & Miracles! We present Wisdom, Visions, and Revelations – Spirit, Light, and Life -- that whosoever believes can use to get things done. . . !

Therefore we believe in and support the Holy Bible, The Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ - who is the only begotten Son of God, His Church, Christians, and a Christian Worldview. But we also believe in the American idea of tolerance, freedom for all to practice their religion. However, us being tolerant does not abrogate our rights, responsibility, and duty to influence the Country, the Culture, the World, period. Furthermore, we are not required to make everybody’s dreams to come true – we have our own mission.

Therefore we believe in and support the American Free Enterprise System and Capitalism with the fewest laws and regulations that are required to prevent fraud, deception, and illegal abuses. Because Capitalism is a proven, time-tested system, that has raised the standards of living for the largest number of people in the World – China and Russia were forced to use it to feed and employ their people – it is worth preserving, correcting, improving, and advancing.

Therefore we believe in and support the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, i.e. the law that says that Our Government cannot make laws to establish or control religious freedoms, nor interfere with the freedom of speech or freedom of the press. This fundamental right is under attack from many quarters, but primarily by Democratic Party, the Church of Sciencetology, the American Educational System, certain Public Figures, and those embracing the modern-day Marxist-Communist-Liberal Philosophy of the American Intelligentsia.

We are anti-PC, that is, we are anti-Politically Correct. We believe in showing respect and civility to all who give it, but that’s only in word choice. All ideas are subject to examination, analysis, debate, attack, promotion, acceptance and rejection. Politically Correct (PC) is a creation of academia, our liberal professors and colleges who should know better. Their support for PC prove that people who are possessed of this modern-day liberal philosophy are primarily hypocrites: while advocating for academic freedom, they are attempting to silence opposing voices by setting themselves up as thought police, judge and jury of all such offenses. Where is their devotion to freedom of speech? They are dangerous – just look at how PC facilitated a terrorist attack on American Soil, at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009.

The Boy Scouts of America.  It is not their job or responsibility to accept, endorse, promote, or advocate for the Homosexual Lobby. We detest what is being done to them by the Liberal Political Left, Homosexual Advocates, and Democrats. The Boy Scouts have been a positive force for good in our society for more than 100 years, instilling traditional American and Christian values in our young men. Homosexual Activists want them to weaken young men morals, convert them to be accepting and encouraging of homosexuality, creating a new fishing pond for their lusts. We say no, and we promote and encourage them to continue to pursue their traditional mission.

We believe that the American Intelligentsia – Leftists, Liberals, Marxists, Communists, Democrats, Blue-Blood/Country-Club Republicans, Union Leaders, Hollywood Types, Atheists, Liberal and Progressive College Professors, so-called Main-Stream News and Information outlets – have long coveted the United States’ wealth and power, and have been envious or enraged about our religious freedoms, the First Amendment, and Constitution, and have been working toward the goal of taking us over without firing a shot. They are currently succeeding. Free Your Mind . . . !

We are Creative and Innovative. We like to present and demonstrate various thoughts, ideas, and concepts for our Friends, Followers, Believers, and Visitors. This website is founded upon Vision, Desire, Faith, Spirituality, Genius, and Determination. We want to teach you how to expand your mind, increase your personal Power, and reach your righteous goals – but you are going to have to be willing to go on a Journey.


Your personal Inspiration and Information Site. We want to encourage your heart and stimulate your mind: “We want to pump you up”! Use us to get a sense of what’s going on in and around your world. We will publish upcoming events, activities, services, and seminars. We’ll point out and promote hard to find news and information. We are going to promote and support small and micro businesses. We want to promote and cover alternative sports, especially sports for children and youth.  Sell your stuff thru our  – Pleasures of Treasure Revisited –  website tab.

The following Site Sections are for you:

Ohio Christian Events  /  Yea, Columbus Issues,
CMW Event Announcer  /  Advantages for Your Life,
Pleasures of Treasure Revisited (POTR One & POTR Two), 
and For Your Consideration.

We want you to use us to speak out and to speak up.


The Creative Mind Workshop is an experiment in “Cloud Computing”, that is, the Wisdom, Knowledge, Insights, and Understanding that we are presenting is stored and distributed throughout Cyberspace. For example, the Archive for our on-line publications are stored and made available thru our Yahoo Group -- CMW Website Support group. This way we can make available not only past articles, but pictures, videos, eBooks, podcasts, software, and much, much more. Click on the Hyperlink Below:

You are invited to join our website support group. It’s FREE! Visit, Explore, Discover, Contribute. Meet new friends and others who have an interest in CMW and the type of things we explain, reveal, present, and offer. Please submit your comments and suggestions thru our Website Support Club; we look forward to your participation in our discussions and debates.

Visit our website regularly. We will strive to make it worth your investment of time – But Slow Down.  Take your time. Look around. Take the time to relax, meditate, and consider our articles, essays, InSights Zyphers, Quotes, Principles, Insights, understandings, and Visions. Practice our MS/HS techniques and your mind will expand, you will become smarter, and over time, you will become wiser. You’ll learn how to make good, high quality decisions – to improve your life!

=CMW Website & Resource Center=


How is the Creative Mind Workshop financed? We are developing several income streams to support our Mission to spread the Good News, Wisdom and Knowledge:

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Check Here Often. We have opened a “Brick & Mortar” location at 1222 E. Long Street @ Champion Avenue where, if you see certain items listed for sale, you can go by our shop to see and purchase that item. Or you can bring an item by for CMW to sell for you. For more information about this service:

“Pleasures of Treasure Revisited” -- (POTR) – Is the name of our “Brick & Mortar” operation.  Watch for the announcement of our “Grand Opening” both here and in the menu item – “Pleasures of Treasure”.

Sometime next year we will resume our public speaking services on such topics as MS/HS, CELS*Thinking, Evolution & Darwinism vs Creationism, Intelligent Design, & Common Sense, and Science Reveals the Glory of God. Contact Us!


Check Here often: We are looking for like-minded people who are interested in the same types of ideas and issues that We are. As you read this, you will begin to notice that we are bringing up our New & Improved website concept. Explore our website and contact us after Feburary 7, 2010 if you are interested. By then we will have completed our “Writer’s Guide”. Thanks for your interest – write us at:

The Creative Mind Workshop
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Have a comment about some article, essay, eZine, or eBook that you’ve read on our website? Please feel free to write. Use family friendly language! However, remember – We are working under the “Cloud Computing” Concept – i.e. our service, content, and products are positioned throughout Cyberspace.

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All correspondance to the Creative Mind Workshop become property of the Creative Mind Workshop and its owner(s) without limits or conditions. This includes mail thru the United States Postal Service, electronic eMails, paper letters, flyers, coupons, deeds, property, PDF files, eBooks, eZines, CDs, DVDs, HD-DVDs, cassettes, movies, books, donations, VHS, videos, sound recordings, Magazines, etc. , and are subject to be published in-part or in-total, at our discretion.  Please keep this in mind when sending us things. Now, if you correspond with us, and we agree to accept and return certain items, we will always keep our agreements.

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