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“Call of Duty: Black Ops”

By Carnell Felton


Welcome back Shooter fans.  It’s time for the 7th installment of the “Call of Duty” series and its Treyarch’s turn with semi-modern weapons this time around.  Fans that are familiar with the series know that Infinity Ward does every other game, and they were in charge of the modern warfare games.  But Treyarch came through in all trumps this time with many new features and options that are new to the series.

         By the specs this game boasts 1-4 players on one console, a 2-4 player online co-op and 2-18 competitive multi-player, and all resolutions in up to 1080p for the video output.  There are a multitude of all new maps that look more engineered for closer combat, as opposed to the large maps of Modern Warfare 2. The four-player co-op mode is new to the series that has been known for limited co-op play.  Also new to the series is a very comprehensive theatre mode a-la Halo series, which I believe is the largest positive attribute this game has to offer.

         The game moves along at a wonderful clip in either mode of play.  The single player game is deep and engrossing as they always seem to be – with players on the edge of their seats with action predominant for the majority of playtime.  The game looks amazing.  The colors are dazzling, and the realism of the sounds ring true.  The A.I has also been enhanced to have enemy soldiers react in a more true-to-life manner.

         The online multi-player mode has added few new features as well.  First they have changed the PER system a bit,  move some of them around, and added a new PERC twist.  The new twist is that PERC 1 directly correlates to what your character model is.  Also you can now put your clan tag on your gun.  The emblem system has been revamped to one of the best in the business; also the emblem can be placed on the weapon as well.

         There are a few new game modes in the multi-player section of the game also.  For instance wager matches, where you can gamble earned money on your own win.  There is a contract system were you can fine tune objective to the weapons and style of play that you use.  Finally there had been an addition of a zombie’s game type where players can have up to 3 people join in with them, trying to survive wave after wave of zombies.

         Treyarch has really outdone themselves with this title, to say the least.  It’s in the running for game of the year, and is available for the Xbox 360, PC computers, and the Playstation 3.  If you haven’t picked up this pack-leading, first-person shooter game for your collection, you definitely should.  “Call of Duty: Black Ops” is a must have hit for anyone who’s a fan of realistic combat games. Much respect for our Troops in Iraq and Afganistan.


. . . . The End . . . .



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